Conference & Meeting Room Layouts (social distance compliant)

Set in the countryside, with plenty of fresh air and outdoor area, The Great Barn offers meeting rooms with more than enough space to socially distance comfortably and safely.

Discover below our large and airy settings ideal for all types of meetings and conferences in a socially distanced world!


Classroom Style

Classroom Style - 2m social distance (Max 18-20 delegates)

A Classroom style layout is usually created with rectangular desks placed in rows, facing the front of the conference room. We’ve set up individual desks (1.6 x 0.8m in size) allowing for a 2m social distance between delegates, for them to utilise the space comfortably while complying with new measures put in place. 

This style layout fits 18 to 20 delegates and is ideal for presentations and meetings where members will be taking notes, using laptops or having table service meals.

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Cabaret Style

Cabaret Style - 1m+ social distance (Max 32 delegates)

The Cabaret style layout has delegates seated at large round tables and is usually ideal for casual celebrations or team building activities, where members are required to work together. The 6' tables seat 4 people socially distanced and provide a large enough surface for different tasks while allowing 1m+ distance between delegates.

This style layout can fit a maximum of 32 delegates while leaving enough comfort and space for each individual.

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Theatre Style

The Theatre style layout is more classic, with chairs placed in rows facing the front of the room, and is usually more convenient for product launches or short meetings where note-taking is not necessarily a requirement.

We’ve reviewed the layout of our meeting rooms to comply with new safety measures put in place in regards to Covid-19 and offer two different options for the Theatre style layout:

Theatre Style - 2m social distance (Max 28 delegates)

A first option involves 2m social distance between each delegate and can fit a maximum of 28 attendees. This option allows for a high number of delegates to attend while providing enough space between each member.




Theatre Style

Theatre Style - 1m+ social distance (Max 30 delegates under current restrictions)

A second option allows for 1m+ social distance between individuals and can fit 30 delegates under current restrictions (and a maximum of 50 attendees when larger events are allowed)

If your meeting doesn’t involve a lot of note-taking or collaborative work and you want to maximise the seating capacity, then this option is the one for you!

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