Comic Connections

What to Expect

Comic Connections is a creative experience, which encourages communication throughout the whole team. The challenge tackles important company issues with an injection of creativity and humour. Although everyone starts in smaller teams, the challenge will result in the whole group pulling together in the same direction.

Teams must initially decide and agree a “story”. Each team is supplied with a large blank canvass and a selection of superhero images, speech bubbles and action bites (POW, splat, grrrr etc!). Using these, teams add images, words and text to their canvass to tell their part of the story. The more relevant, the better (they can even include company gossip!). Finally, the whole group needs to make sure that the completed panels fit together correctly to create an impressive company comic strip.

• Improves decision making in a large group
• Promotes team discussion, brainstorming and negotiation
• Highlights the importance of creativity at work
• Addresses company issues in a fun environment


Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours


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