Fantasy Formula One

What to Expect

Get you team into top gear in this challenge! Fantasy Formula One focusses on team dynamics including creativity, teamwork, communication, and of course good old fashioned ‘team to team’ competition!

Supplied with detailed blueprints, teams must design, build and race their own self-propelled Formula One Racing Car, complete with front and rear spoilers. Building materials include giant sheets of cardboard to inner carpet tubes and pre-cut 55cm wheels plus a range of fabrics and accessories for decorating the finished product. We also give the teams the tools they need to cut, trim and build their vehicle as well as support and advice throughout the project.

The teams start by drawing up their design on the cardboard sheets, taking measurements from their blueprints. Once drawn, these need cutting and then assembling. It’s a true production line job!

That’s the easy bit. Once finished the teams must test their mean machine against the others in a series of qualifying heats with one volunteer on board. They need constant work and pit stops if they are to get through the heats to the finale Grand Prix!

Allow 2-3 hours for this activity which can be done indoors, with the finale racing taking place outside.

  • Effective team cooperation
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Time management

Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours


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