What to Expect

Art is one of the world’s most powerful forms of communication and lets people communicate in a way that words never can. This is a creative and inspirational team journey which is perfect if you wish to promote a “one company, one team” ethos and highlight your organisational vision, strategy or values.

Team Goal: The whole group must reproduce a giant size masterpiece based on a Picasso, Miro or Dali. To achieve this they work in separate teams to complete individual sections but they soon realise that the real challenge is to work closely with the other teams to create their masterpiece. Within the challenge teams will need to complete a series of tasks to win their paints. These tasks can involve photography, mental or construction challenges and a team collage. You don’t have to be artistic to join in and participate – there is something for everyone!

This is a superb “hands-on” event involving inter-team co-operation, design skills and teamwork to create the ultimate work of art. The final result can be quite breathtaking and teams are amazed at what they have achieved – their masterpieces often get hung back at the office!

  • Focuses on a “One Company, One Team” ethos
  • Powerful medium for exploring values and vision
  • Encourages an awareness of the bigger picture rather than focusing on individual tasks
  • demonstrates that teamwork gets better results than working alone
  • tests team dynamics (listening skills, problem solving, time management, organisation and leadership)
  • builds trust between the teams

Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours


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