What to Expect

Your team goal is to design and build a “Rollercoaster” that will transport a ball around an arena. Working in separate groups, individual teams work on their own section of the Rollercoaster. They are given specific materials for their construction including rolled paper rods and cable ties.

The teams then bring their sections together to form a complete structure.

The main objective on this project is common to all teams and success depends on teams sharing information, knowledge, equipment and even resource and creating a completed Rollercoaster.

This can be a complex project with large teams all brain storming differing designs and methods of transporting these balls through the arenas. It is a highly engaging team building activity with individuals and teams all making a contribution.

Team Outcomes:

  • Effective team cooperation
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Creativity
  • Time management

Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours


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