Team building with Sheep

Raising the Baa

What to Expect

How difficult can it be to herd a small flock of sheep into a pen? And what on earth has it got to do with business? Ewe would be amazed!

Using the naturally rural surroundings of A Day in the Country the team is challenged to do the work of ‘One Man and his Dog’ ie guide a flock of pesky sheep into a pen.

Sheep are living, breathing animals, just like us, with their own behaviours and communication patterns. It is down to the team to familiarise themselves with their unpredictable ways to achieve the task. And if the team succeed, the ‘baa’ is raised and another herding challenge is set.

This activity tests a whole range of business skills including communication, tenacity, teamwork, reviewing, planning, leadership, negotiation – and requires a great sense of humour. We challenge you not to have a huge amount of fun whilst undertaking this most popular of activities!

Full ‘EWE’ and half-day ‘LAMB’ programmes available, according to your objectives and budget.


Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours

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