School Sports Day

What to Expect

Remember the good old days of your School Sports Day? The fun, the competitiveness, and the glory! Why not re-live those days with your very own team building sports day event.

Our Corporate School Sports Day team building event is sure to bring out your inner child! It’s a blast from the past activity, which everyone can really enjoy and get stuck into. We guarantee it will really have your team in stitches all the way to the headmaster’s office, just don’t forget your kit otherwise you might find yourself in detention!

All the games played during the day are exactly how you remember – just without the grumpy teachers and the school bully. So, this is your chance to take part in some competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning medals, prizes and pride. Our sports day team building event will be something that your colleagues will always remember.

Games may include: Egg & Spoon Race, Sausage Hopping, Sack Race, Skipping Race, Tug of War, Hula Hoop Relay, Hockey Dribbling, Bean Bag Race, Blindfold Race, Three Legged Race

Teams will go head-to-head on a mixed variety of back to school related games and challenges at each zone. Rolling points are displayed on the blackboard, with ongoing updates from the compere on the mic. Your school sports day team building experience will then wrap up with one grand finale and the winners will be awarded medals and bubbly!


Activity Details

Team size



1-2 hours