2019 Wedding Ideas & Trends

10th September 2018
2019 Wedding Ideas & Trends

It may seem counter-intuitive to be thinking about wedding trends for 2019 so far in advance, but the reality is, many brides and grooms are engaged for more than a year which makes trend forecasting an essential task. Newly engaged couples can confidently forget about current trends in the world of weddings as by the time you say ‘I do’ those trends will long be forgotten.

So, what does 2019 have in store for us? To put it simply, the exact opposite of what is trending in 2018. The light and soft colour palettes that encapsulated a wedding in 2018 are making way for bold purples, blues and greens that are just starting to trend. Rustic and vintage themes will also be taking a back seat too as the outdoors and natural themes take centre stage along with dramatic Gatsby inspired opulence. Gold and rose gold will still be a safe bet but brass and bronze will start to take over as metallic accents continue to be a firm favourite with couples.

So, without further ado, what else do we think is on the horizon for 2019?

The 2019 Wedding Forecast

Bright with a side of deep colours and metallic accents

2019 is set to be the year for the couple that is not afraid of colour. Shades of purple, deep blues and emerald greens are earmarked to be a hit with the wedding crowd. Don’t forget, you can use these bold statement colours as little or as much as you like.

Metallic Colours

Floral with an extra order of arches and dramatic arrangements

The recent royal wedding will inspire many couples to incorporate a floral arch into their big day – and who can blame them! Large-scale floral arrangements are not limited to arches and can be taken to one’s reception with the likes of hanging floral centrepieces and even statement flower walls. Dahlias and ranunculus come in a large variety of colours and are set to be the season’s favourite for wedding florists due to their colour versatility.

Floral wedding choices

Romance with the focus on natural drama and elegance

Recently, wedding decor and colour choice were heavily guided by the overall chosen wedding theme, whether that was vintage, festival-inspired or something else. In 2019 things are set to be shaken up and we will start to see the inverse happening. Couples will be planning the big day around central colour choices or overall aesthetics, with the wedding theme being focused on the romance and drama of the day itself, rather than a standalone theme chosen separately.

Mix & match – now it’s the groom’s turn!

It all started with the bridesmaids! Instead of picking a single style and colour of dress for bridesmaids, the bridal party would choose a mixture of styles and/or colours to create contrast. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are no longer considered just an adventurous statement and instead the trend has been firmly accepted as a wedding style in its own right. The idea though has caught on with mix-and-match groomsmen attire starting to become more and more popular. It doesn’t stop there either! Mix and match styles are branching out into décor with mismatched table settings starting to appear on the scene. 2019 could be the year to really mix things up!

Mix and match wedding suit

Turning up the tech

For the most part, technology at weddings has mostly been limited to the wedding website with online RSVPs and perhaps the DJ’s equipment. In 2019, that’s all about to change.

Drones are set to become every wedding photographer’s go-to piece of equipment, able to capture your big day from literally every angle! In 2019 you should consider what your photographer or videographer can offer you in order to capture that birds-eye shot of your big day, it’s sure to be a must have when you look back on your big day in years to come!

Something else to keep an eye out for is video mapping. Although it sounds complicated, video mapping is a simple idea. You use a surface in your wedding venue (think wall, backdrop, or even a piece of furniture) to project video onto. With the use of a projector, a good setting and some creativity you can create some stunning effects whilst injecting colour and movement into your big day. The possibilities really are endless and your guests will be blown away by your use of something that certainly isn’t commonplace in the world of weddings at the moment!

Wedding drone photography

Something for the foodies!

Wedding food of times gone by sometimes had a reputation; a buffet or plated fare that was occasionally underwhelming. In recent years however, couples have taken much more care in choosing their menu so that their guests have a meal to remember.

Trends from the ‘foodie’ world are starting to make their way into the wedding catering world in a big way. In 2019 this will become even more prevalent as brides and grooms incorporate their favourite foods into their wedding menu. Cue small plates and tapas. This style of eating is becoming more and more popular and couples will want to bring this friendly and interactive meal experience into their big day.

Overall, 2019 is set to be an exciting time for the wedding world as previous trends have been pretty stationary for some years. Change is on the horizon and adventurous and brave couples have the opportunity to set the tone for a few years to come. Most importantly for couples to remember, as always, the mission is to plan a wedding that YOU will love!

Wedding food trends