Autumn Wedding Colour Schemes

27th March 2019
Autumn Wedding Colour Schemes

The summer has made way to warm autumnal tones. Autumn is a wonderful time to have your wedding. The season is perhaps the most recognisable of all the seasons by its natural colour-pallette. Fallen leaves pave the ground with oranges and browns. Deep greens fill the countryside and sunsets can range from bright yellow to dark purple.

The colours of autumn are romantic, warm and comforting, so when setting the colour scheme for your autumnal wedding, look no further than what nature has to offer.

Below, we’ll talk you through some of the best autumn wedding colour schemes to choose from for your wedding day.

Stone building? Highlight the colours of the building

Start by considering the building in which your ceremony and / or reception is being held. If it’s a stone building, or perhaps a barn, choose a colour-palette to highlight the stonework.

This colour-palette uses gold and stone colours to combine with the accent, seasonal emerald green to make the most of the season and the building you’re in. White acts as a neutral colour to balance the palette.

This is a great autumnal wedding colour choice if you want to make a nod to the season without overwhelming your surroundings. If the accent colours are used sparingly it can be a wonderful low-key way to make the most of your venue choice.

A romantic touch

A variation on the previous colour scheme, by replacing the seasonal green with a deep red as well as adding neutral warmth with ivory, you can achieve a classic look.

As with any colour scheme, delicate use of the accent colours; in this case gold and red, can achieve a modern look. Careful splashes of red and decadent hints of gold will convey the romance of the day, place the ceremony in the season and remain tasteful.

An autumn sunset

As the sun goes down on an autumn day, the sun, clouds and sky can combine to create a light show like no other. Pay homage to nature’s display in your colour scheme by using vibrant yellow, deep blue and tan.

The use of deep blue, when combined with yellow is evocative of a dramatic sunset and in combination with the neutral white and tan colours will be a great way to avoid the typical oranges and dark browns often associated with the season.

Traditional autumnal colours

On the other hand, you may want to evoke the classic colours of autumn. In that case, use orange.

Orange is such a vibrant colour, you won’t need anything more than some neutral colours to partner with it. Always use orange as the accent colour. If you use it sparingly it will highlight key features of your day and your style.

Understated elegance

If you want to introduce some elegance to your day, use plum as your accent colour. In combination with some neutral colours it will provide you with some deep colour without taking things ‘over the top’.

Autumn fruits

Autumn isn’t all about fallen leaves and beautiful sunsets. It’s also when nature bears some distinctive fruits. Make a nod to this in your colour scheme.

The dark purple of blackberries mixed with neutral greys is a great way to stick with the season whilst keeping the colour scheme looking ultra modern and trendy.

So, here’s to planning a wonderful autumn wedding. If you’re looking for more advice on planning an autumn wedding then check out our complete guide to planning an autumn barn wedding.