The Complete Guide to Planning an Autumn Barn Wedding

6th December 2018
Autumn Barn Wedding

Autumn is the perfect season to have a barn wedding. The colours produced by nature as the seasons change lend themselves seamlessly to the style and aesthetic of a perfectly balanced wedding day.

Consider making the barn itself the star (or rather, the supporting actress) of the show. Planning an autumn wedding could not be easier when you pull your inspiration from such a versatile style of venue. You could go down the rustic route, which will highlight the barn’s rustic character. Think of using natural materials such as wood, hessian and stone. Not only will these compliment your barn venue but they are ideally suited to an autumn wedding theme.

Barns don't have to be rustic though, they are the perfect location for a traditional and romantic wedding day too. Especially in the autumn, there is nothing more romantic than a chilly autumn evening under candlelight. For the traditionalist, an old venue packed full of history and character is simply magical.

So, now that we have convinced you that an autumn barn wedding is the only choice for you, how does one go about planning this dream-wedding day? Well, we've got the perfect step-by-step guide for you.


Step 1: Colour Scheme

It is always wise to leave choosing your colour scheme until you have set a date and booked a venue. That way you can ensure that your colour scheme works in harmony with the season and venue. For a barn wedding in autumn, settling on a colour scheme could not be easier. The rich, earthy natural tones one so easily associates with autumn work effortlessly against the backdrop of a rustic barn venue. Why not consider some of these colours

For the couple wanting to highlight the old stonework: a colour combination of stone, emerald, gold and white.

For the bride & groom focusing on the ceremony consider red, ivory, gold and white. These colours will bring a real warm, romantic and autumnal atmosphere to any barn reception space.

Brides wanting to bring the outdoors into her big day should focus on yellow, tan, blue and white to bring that wonderful autumn glow.

More traditional couples don't have to miss out on that seasonal touch. silver, cream, white and just a touch of orange will keep things classy with a hint of autumn on the side.


Step 2: The Flowers

Flower arrangements for barn weddings should, in general, be informal. Whilst there are no rules when planning your wedding, informal flower arrangements will look more comfortable at a barn wedding. Informal does not have to mean unspectacular or uninteresting, quite the opposite! Think of beautiful bouquets of wildflowers, creating a wonderful display of mismatched rustic elegance.

Autumn barn weddings don't require large-scale arrangements either - although no one would turn their nose up at one. Simple singular flowers will look just as good.


Step 3: The Decor

Whilst there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to wedding decor because each couple is so different, there are a few tried and tested suggestions we can share with you:

Sticks, twigs and leaves are great cost effective decor tools that will work for almost any barn wedding. You can use them as much or as little as you like. Twigs make great additions to centerpieces and leaves are versatile in invitation and stationary use.

Wood, pinecones and fairy lights can be used on your tables and throughout your venue. Fairy lights will create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere if your ceremony is in the evening. You can use wood offcuts to create sustainable and rustic under-plates.


Step 4: The Cake

Naked Cakes are the trendiest cake in the wedding world at the moment. Couples planning a barn wedding cannot go wrong with a naked cake. The rustic, imperfect design is beyond suitable for an old venue such as a barn. Top it with some fresh autumn flowers and you're one wedding job done!

Traditional Fruit Cake does not get much love these days but it is oh so perfect for an autumn wedding. The earthy flavours of the raisins and the warm tingle of the whisky could not capture the essence of a season more. Couples cannot go wrong with this cake choice.

Cheese cakes are an ideal autumn choice for a bride and groom who do not have a sweet tooth. Serve it with fresh fruit, crackers and sherry or port and your guests will be humming with happiness. The natural, earthy display of this cake could not be better for a barn wedding.


Step 5: The Photos

Most seasoned wedding photographers will arrive at any venue with an endless amount of creative suggestions to help capture your big day. But, it does not hurt to have a couple of your own. Here are our tips for the perfect barn wedding photos:

Make the most of the natural autumn landscape. Long grass and fallen leaves in all the autumn shades are just a few photo opportunities which will make it impossible for anyone to forget your beautiful autumn wedding day.

Use the rustic architecture in your shots! Use the stonewalls as a unique and interesting backdrop for couple’s photos. Or, make sure your photographer is capturing the exposed beams above your heads whilst you exchange your vows.

Play into the season by preparing for anything mother nature may (and will!) throw your way. If it's raining - grab an umbrella for some ultra romantic couples photos in the rain. If it's chilly, make sure you have a classy cover-up that suits your dress, whilst making a style statement too.


Step 6: Have Fun!

No matter if you are having a full on autumn inspired wedding or only a few seasonal touches, you should always remember to have fun planning your wedding day. After all, it only happens once. So, go for that pop of orange and throw in the extra touch of hessian on your invitations!

Make sure to read our complete guide on how to make a wedding inspiration board to help get you started on planning for your big day!