Difference between small and micro-weddings

1st October 2021
Difference between small and micro-weddings

What counts as a small wedding?

A small wedding is somewhere in between a micro wedding and a regular wedding - opinions differ on the number of guests but we like to think that the guest count is around 50. Small weddings tend to be intimate as the guest list is downsized, and more often than not, the bride and groom opt for a unique and personalised ceremony to celebrate with loved ones.

Thinking of going for a smaller wedding? Read on our ‘How to Plan a Small Wedding’ guide!   


What is considered a micro wedding?

Again, opinions differ on this, but we consider a micro wedding to usually have a guest count between 20 and 30. Micro weddings, as the name suggests, have an even smaller guest list, and tend to be quite intimate. Now don’t confuse this with elopements which are usually attended by the bride, groom and a witness.

Micro weddings have been gaining popularity ever since the pandemic and let us tell you why it might be just the right choice for you!


How to plan a micro wedding

1. Micro wedding checklist

  • Budget:

It’s important to set a budget before starting to plan your micro wedding, as this will help keep your feet on the ground. Although there is a chance you end up paying a bit more than you thought you would, sticking to a figure will help you get creative with venue choices and decor.

  • Celebrant:

You can choose to opt for a celebrant for your big day, and should allow enough time to do that as choosing a celebrant is a very personal journey. You can refer to our ‘What does a Wedding Celebrant do’ guide to learn more about your options. 

  • Guest list:

Considering that this is a much smaller scale wedding, the guest list becomes ever more important. So we’d recommend spending some time on this, as you will probably have to make some difficult decisions.

  • Venue:

One major benefit of having a micro wedding is that it opens up more opportunities for venues to host your celebration. Feel free to be as creative as you want, we’re sure your guests are going to love it! 

  • Dress code:

A micro wedding can keep the traditions of a regular wedding scale, but the good part about having a small guest list is that you can also choose to personalise the dress code. So why not opt for wedding outfits that best reflect your style? Whether you want your wedding dress to be a different colour or your guests to dress following a theme, this is much simpler to do with a restrained guest list. 

  • Suppliers:

This is usually the most stressful bit when planning a wedding - with a much smaller guest count, you won’t have to chase down all guests for their RSVP. Less time will be spent on coordinating everything, and more budget will be spared to splurge on whatever you think is more important. 

  • Entertainment:

With a much more intimate setting, you’ll have the possibility to spend quality time with your guests. This might be the chance to engage in an activity all together, play games or surprise your guests with gifts.

Our thoughts on micro weddings

All in all, micro weddings are much easier to plan and manage. They allow you to share unique memories with guests and are truly an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones through a creative, personalised and budget-friendly ceremony. Whether your wedding follows tradition or not is down to your preferences, all that matters at the end of it is that you get to make your fairytale dream wedding come true.