Making a Wedding Inspiration Board

17th July 2020
Making a wedding inspiration board

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start planning for your wedding!

You might feel overwhelmed and not sure about where to begin with the planning, but do not worry, this step-by-step guide will show you how to get your wedding inspiration board started.

What is a wedding inspiration board and why do you need one?

The wedding inspiration board helps to gather your thoughts in one place and bring your vision to life. It is a great way to refine your choices and communicate your vision to suppliers and other people around you. Do not panic, making a vision board is a process, but it will allow you to put together different inspirational images and end up with a clearly defined wedding style and colour palette. 

It is important to remember that the vision board isn’t there to limit you; the visuals you pick aren’t supposed to reflect exact choices, but rather ideas to blend together and create something unique!

How to start your wedding vision board?

Starting a wedding vision board can look like a quite complicated task, as there are many different ideas and options going through your mind. But you have to start somewhere!

First, decide on where to make your vision board. You can either print all your visuals and pin them to an actual cork board, or have a digital one. Creating a vision board using online tools does present advantages when it comes to portability and sharing with members involved with the wedding planning. 

Some of the wedding inspiration board tools we would recommend include:

And other mood board builders:

Once that first decision is made, you can start listing down all wedding essentials. No need to worry about forgetting anything, as this will only serve as a starting point. The list will grow longer after a few days or weeks and the vision board will take form. 

Wedding Board Ideas

You might want to include in your list some or all of the keywords listed down below:

  • Colour palette and themes

  • Type of venue and decor

  • Wedding and bridesmaid dresses

  • Hair and makeup

  • Bridal accessories

  • Flower arrangements

  • Food and cake

  • Stationery 

The list of wedding essentials is specific to each of us, so do not hesitate to cross some keywords suggested and replace them with others.

This briefing stage is important and shouldn’t be neglected as it will help you and your partner to ask yourselves the right questions, decide on which direction to take and also set priorities to all the elements on your list

Putting the wedding vision board together

Once you have listed the main words that will capture your big day, pick each item separately and brainstorm around it to find images that will speak to you. Do not limit yourself to other wedding-themed images and visuals, and do think out of the box and include anything that inspires you. After all, the purpose of the wedding inspiration board is to create the wedding of your dreams, not copy someone else’s! 

Typically, brides-to-be look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, wedding blogs and magazines as well as Pantone for colour schemes. Those are good places to start however it is necessary to keep in mind that we each get inspired differently, so consider looking for inspiration outdoors and adding to the board pictures you’ve taken yourself.

We would recommend organising your vision board in different sections, representing different elements of your wedding day, or having several inspiration boards for different wedding essentials. Also, adding a brief description explaining why specific visuals were selected could come in handy if you end up with many pinned images. 

When is the wedding vision board done?

When you feel that you have enough images on your vision board, it’s time to take a step back and look at the board as a whole. You will then start noticing recurring themes, styles you like and others that do not match the overall idea you have in mind. That will be the moment to start refining all the options you’ve been compiling.

This is the last step before getting a consistent vision board to use for the wedding planning, so do not rush it and make sure you keep only images that capture really well the style, colours, theme and overall mood you envision for your big day. 

Once you have curated your wedding vision board, it will be ready to share. Congratulations! You’ve just made a big step in your wedding planning.

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