Photo opportunities for Winter Weddings at The Great Barn

15th October 2021
Photo opportunities for Winter Weddings at The Great Barn

How to take winter wedding photos

We have plenty of photo locations to choose from if you are planning a winter wedding – or get caught short by rain on a spring/summer’s day! Our top tip is to stay near the barn, preferably mainly on hard standing to prevent your dress hem getting dirty or your shoes sinking on wet, soggy grass.

The key for winter wedding photo opportunities is to discuss with your photographer your hopes and what is possible. Many local photographers have done weddings here at The Great Barn before and have some great ideas as to where they can create some fantastic shots – but if your photographer hasn’t been to us before, they are welcome to come and check us out.

Timing is going to be key for winter weddings – daylight hours are limited and the light is of a different quality, guests get cold quickly, and photographers need to move fast to make the best of things. Make sure you factor these into your planning in the timing of your day.

In the meantime, here are just a few of our favourite winter spots for photography!


Outdoor winter wedding photos

Winter wedding photos without snow

The Pagoda:

Our wrought iron, double “lovers” seat. Adorned with clematis during the summer, beech during the autumn and fairy lights for the winter, this little seat is only a few yards away from the barn itself – and all on hard standing! Raised up from a little terraced space, it also serves well for group shots.

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Under the Beech Trees:

Our majestic beech trees are also just outside the main barn so easily accessible. They hold their autumnal leaves well into November and have uplighters on once the light fades.


The Drive:

Our drive happens to run West-East – so is perfect for those romantic shots with a setting sun behind you. And the sun sets late afternoon in winter so is perfect for taking shots during the Reception if you are having an early afternoon wedding. 

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The Oak Front Porch:

Our beautiful oak front porch is a great spot for photographs – particularly group shots. And can be made even more spectacular if decorated.


The Patio:

Plenty of fairy lights around the garden and outbuildings, uplighting across the patio and lights on the barn walls make the barn outside surprisingly well lit. That said, there is plenty of opportunity for sparkler shots once it gets darker.

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The Lakes:

Our lakes are very weather dependant in the winter – sometimes it is just too wet to make a buggy ride down the track to the lakes much fun. But equally sometimes you have stunning, bright (a photographer’s nightmare?) sunny days and hard, frosty ground that can make it a worthwhile trip. Discuss your hopes with our team and your photographer and have a Plan B if the British weather isn’t playing ball!

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Winter wedding photos with snow 

 Although it doesn’t often snow, if it does - don’t worry, we have our own snowplough here so the drive will always be clear!

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A person and person standing in the snow

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Indoor winter wedding photos

We are very lucky to have a very light airy barn! Pale Oxfordshire stone and big double barn doors opened up to glass makes it a surprisingly light place in which to take photographs.

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Our large barn doors make an excellent frame for photographs if you need to be inside and bridal party shots can often be done grouped around the warm, cozy fireplace or in the entrance hall. 

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