Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

3rd September 2018
Guide for Planning a Summer Wedding

Christmas is the most popular time for couples to get engaged, and the Great British summer is their favourite time to tie the knot. But why should you, like so many others, consider having a summer wedding?

The days are longer and the weather is better. That’s usually enough to convince most people, but there’s so much more.

So, join us on a journey of exploration into the joys of planning and having a British summer wedding!

Why have a summer wedding?

Your friends & family

One of the main, and potentially overlooked, benefits of a summer wedding over any other time of year is that getting your friends and family there is usually much easier. For those with kids, the summer offers up a unique opportunity to clear the schedule and make time for a sun-soaked wedding.

Businesses also tend to take things a little slower in the summer, so your super-busy friends are more likely to be able to justify a few days away!

planning a summer wedding

Enjoying the outside

A summer wedding affords you the opportunity to take the event outside. Having an inside space for your wedding is very nice, but being able to extend your space into the great outdoors is wonderful.

Families with kids will appreciate the opportunity for the little ones to burn off some energy whilst playing outside, whilst there’s nothing quite like toasting to your future happiness in the glorious summer sunshine!

Flowers aplenty

Having a summer wedding also means you won’t struggle to get hold of flowers. You can almost always get hold of the flowers you want, regardless of time of year, but in the summer they’ll often be easier to get hold of from a local supplier. Vibrant flowers will be fresh and in-season!

Summer Wedding Planning & Ideas

How to keep guests cool at a summer wedding

Basking in the sunshine is great, but it’s not for everyone, and even the most accomplished of sun-worshipers will want some respite. That means that providing ways to cool off at a summer wedding is as important as choosing the venue and date itself.

Here’s a list of 3 ways to keep guests cool at your summer wedding:

1. Cool off in the shade

Your first option is to provide some shade. Make your post-service lingering spot a mixture of open air and covered, shaded areas. Guests will appreciate the choice given to them, whether they decide to chat in the sun, or enjoy some time in the shade.

Trees are the obvious natural providers of shade, but if you’re in the open you can provide large umbrellas or setup a marquee.

Your other option is to choose a venue that provides a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. When things get a little hot, guests can casually head inside to cool off, then when they’re ready, they can head back out into the sun!

Summer Wedding Keep Cool

2. It’s not all about alcohol

If you’re a drinker, then what better time to serve some fizz and other alcoholic beverages than at a wedding? But remember, weddings are usually all-day events, and drinking alcohol in the sun can be a recipe for dehydration.

Why not use it as an opportunity to come up with some cooling soft drinks? Guests who drink might appreciate something refreshing, and those who don’t drink alcohol will love you for providing something other than orange juice! Over at Offbeat Bride, Catherine Clarke has put together a list of yummy, non-boozy wedding drink alternatives.

3. Provide cooling gadgets and gizmos

Setting up some table decorations that include fans or mist spray gadgets for guests to pick up and use will not only help people stay cool, but they’ll also make everyone smile! Get creative with your planning and make a feature of it!

Summer wedding themes

The British summer naturally lends itself to some wonderful wedding themes, here are a few of the favourites we’ve come across.

Festival season

This is one for music lovers. Choosing a summer music festival as the theme for your wedding is a great way to add some quirky touches to your special day.

Think tents, picnic benches, street food stalls, live music and craft beers. People love a good festival, and what better way to celebrate your marriage than with your very own British summer festival?!

You can even carry the theme over to your invitations, have them designed to look like festival flyers and tickets, that will put a whacking great smile on your guests’ faces even before the day itself!

English summer

English Summer Themed Wedding

Ice cream, picnic blankets, deck chairs and sunflowers. If your having a wedding in the British summer sun, why not go for an English summer themed wedding? Those long summer days spent holidaying in Britain’s beautiful countryside and seaside.

Mix things up by including some lawn games. Croquet and giant Jenga are usually crowd-pleasers, petanque is great fun, you can even get a giant set of naughts and crosses (tic tac toe). Check out Meredith Swinehart’s post on 10 easy lawn games over at Gardenista for some ideas!

A vintage summer wedding

Summer Wedding Picnic Theme

Sometimes the old stuff is the best. For a vintage style wedding, think of a lace dress, candles in lanterns and a classic car (or Vespa!).

Add unique touches to your day. Perhaps some old leather bound books and you could even have your guests sign the guestbook with a quill and ink!

Afternoon tea is much loved, try incorporating some ornate teapots and teacups into your wedding decorations.

So there you have it, some ideas to get you started with planning your perfect summer wedding. Keeping an eye on our blog for further articles looking at the other factors for planning the perfect wedding, whatever the season!