Spring Wedding Food

21st June 2018
Spring Wedding Food Guide

Planning a wedding involves juggling a number of aspects from venue, colours, flowers, decor and food. It is important to ensure that all of these aspects work in harmony and positively contribute to your overall wedding vision. It can be challenging, even for professional wedding planners!

Sometimes, food can be overlooked but it really shouldn’t be! Food should be one of the bridal couples main concerns as it is one area that will directly affect your guest enjoyment on your big day. It is often said that your guests won’t pay much attention to small decor details but they will remember the food.

For a spring bride, choosing food is a fun opportunity to continue to infuse their wedding with all the season has to offer – and there is plenty!

True colours

Eating is a multi-sensory experience and it is well known that we eat with our eyes first. As a bride and groom, you want to ensure your food is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. It would be a real shame to spend so much time and money on your flowers and decor, only to be let down by underwhelmingly presented food.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to ramp up the colourful plates – think of bright salads and floral garnishes. Edible flowers are an amazing way for a bride and groom to elevate the presentation of their food and it is something that should be discussed with your caterer or venue.

Spring brides are in luck as edible flowers are typically in season in and there should be a wide variety of options to suit your menu. Most herbs produce edible flowers, which will carry a subtle flavour too. Some great options which would suit a spring wedding are chive flowers (which are great in salads), courgette flowers (which can be stuffed and served as a unique wedding starter), and pansy’s which come in a huge array of sizes and colours and are great as dessert or used as cocktail garnishes.

Colourful Spring Wedding Food

Light lunch

Springtime can be a bit hit and miss in terms of the temperature but what you can be certain of is your guest desire for a lighter meal. If it is a warm day, they will be grateful for a lighter meal. Even if your day ends up on the cooler side of the thermometer it’s a fair bet that your guests will be keen on lighter meals in preparation for the summer months.

A good spring menu will focus on fresh ingredients, seafood, fruit, vegetables and white meats such as chicken. You might find yourself planning your spring wedding menu in winter and so it is crucial that you imagine what you would like to eat on the big day.

Spring fling

As with spring flowers, you will save if you use in-season fruits and vegetables. Not only is it kind on the budget but you will also be sure you are serving your guests with the most flavourful ingredients. A few traditional springtime options you should keep in mind are asparagus, apricots, grapefruit, pomegranates, rhubarb, cauliflower, purple broccoli, radishes and peas.

Seafood is at its best in spring and a couple planning their spring wedding should give it suitable consideration. Sushi is generally a crowd pleaser and is well suited to spring. It will also allow you to offer vegetarian options to your guests without having to substitute an entire course. Sushi is also a fabulous choice for canapés and is very popular amongst foodies.

Seafood Spring Wedding

Food for thought

These days, your guest list is likely to be peppered with a range of dietary preferences such a vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. The spring bride should not fear as these foods generally lend themselves to lighter meals such as salads and vegetable medleys…All of which scream spring menu.

Seafood can also address a number of dietary concerns your guests might have such as diabetic, low-fat, high protein and low-cholesterol diets.

Happy hour

There is no more perfect a way to round off a brilliant menu than to offer one or two signature cocktails that are expertly paired, and who doesn’t love a spring cocktail!? Think fruity, icy, colourful and garnished with beautiful spring fruits and herbs. Your guests will be in cocktail heaven. A few great suggestions are alcoholic lemonade, gin & tonics and the classic Pimms & Lemonade.

Spring Wedding Drinks

Cake walk

A wedding cake is the star of your reception (after the Bride, of course!). Traditionally, it will be on display from the beginning of your reception and your guests will be eagerly awaiting the cake cutting. Gone are the days when your wedding cake has to be traditionally fruity – which a spring bride can be grateful for.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to experiment with unique cake flavours and continue one’s floral and bright colour scheme through to your menu. You can keep your cake light by choosing a sponge cake and some great spring flavours such as lemon, elderflower and peaches and cream.

Spring Wedding Cakes

Remember that, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and the main goal when planning your menu is to make sure that it is food that YOU will want to eat. That being said, food is one area of your wedding when your guest’s needs will need to be carefully considered and you might need to take advice from a professional. At The Great Barn, we have a highly trained caterer on hand to help guide you through your wedding menu planning.

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