Spring Wedding Ideas

31st May 2018
Spring Wedding Ideas Article

Planning a spring wedding? You’re in luck! Springtime is one of the happiest times of the year so you can be sure your guests will be in high spirits. What else is great, is the amazing array of flowers, colours and outdoor beauty you can use as inspiration. The days are longer and the dresses shorter – you’re in for a real treat!

Planning a Spring Wedding

If you’ve just started planning your dream spring wedding day, give the weather the amount of consideration it deserves. You might be tempted to focus all your plans on the perfect outdoor party and when the sun is shining and the rain is at bay, it is a bride’s dream come true. The weather, unfortunately, is the one thing a bride can’t control. What she can do though, is be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws her way.

Don’t forget to have a back up plan for bad weather conditions and when viewing venues, always make sure that you are equally as happy with the inside and outside space. Knowing that you will have the perfect space, rain or shine, will help manage your stress levels closer to the day.

Remember to also plan for unseasonably warm days, which can happen in springtime. Make sure there are shade options and sunscreen for your guests. Ensure that cocktail hour has plenty of refreshing water available. Don’t be shy to add a little springtime magic to the humble jug of water by adding fresh mint, strawberries or lemons. Hopefully it will entice your guests to stay hydrated.

Spring Into Action with these Great Spring Wedding Ideas!

Use the season to your full advantage – think lawn games, Pimms & Lemonade, pretty tea dresses and lots and lots of florals. At The Great Barn, we have 250 acres of landscaped grounds, which really come to life during the warmer months of the year.

Naked cakes are the perfect addition to any spring wedding, with fresh flowers and snow white icing, they truly are springtime personified. Unsurprisingly, a naked cake is the perfect blank canvas for your baker, they can add fresh flowers to immediately suit your wedding theme and colour palette. Refer to our spring wedding food guide for more ideas.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

One of the easiest ways to make the most of spring in your wedding planning is to take full advantage of flowers. If you really love flowers and are brave enough to embrace spring, why not consider an amazing flower wall to impress your guests? It will provide the perfect spot for formal photos and you can be sure your guests will use it as a unique selfie backdrop. Hey, you could even have a photo booth close by!

Consider giving your florist free reign and allowing them to create your bouquets and centerpieces using the best quality blooms that are in season and available. Not only will you save money by using in-season flowers, you will also take some decision making pressure off of yourself. Leaving it up to the professionals could also open you up to using flowers you would never have expected, or even knew existed. But, don’t be afraid to give them detailed guidelines to ensure you aren’t disappointed with the end results. We have compiled a full guide on spring wedding flowers to help you make the right choice!

The budget-conscious bride is in luck – use Gyp (Gypsophilia) anywhere and everywhere to add a truly bridal look to your hair, bouquet, boutonnière or centerpieces. The possibilities are endless and these fresh white flowers add a touch of subtle elegance.

Colour Me a Spring Bride

Spring conjures up images of pink, purple and yellow flowers. Fresh green leaves and rich blue skies. For the spring bride, the colour palette is an important consideration. If you are having an outdoor ‘do’, you will want your colour story to interact well with your natural surroundings. If you are sticking indoors, you will want to bring the outside in as much as possible.

For the perfect spring colour palette, choose a maximum of three colours plus white. White is a wedding colour scheme staple and will help ensure all of your overall aesthetic remains bridal. For the three colours, try choosing one bold, one neutral and one wildcard, which can be used for finishing touches or to add a bit of sparkle and interest. Make sure to read our spring wedding colours guide for more inspiration!

Spring Wedding Theme Ideas

Spring could be a theme all on its own but if you need something more substantial to anchor your planning, we’ve got a few:

Alice in Wonderland

Having an extremely specific theme can help the indecisive bride make planning decisions if you let your theme be your guide. Alice in Wonderland translates well to a spring event, think garden tea party, bunting and lawn games. You’ll need some bold colours to truly bring this theme to life and springtime does not disappoint.

A Rustic Chic Wedding

This is perfect for The Great Barn as we have the ideal space to fully develop the rustic wedding theme. Exposed stone and wooden beams will anchor your rustic theme and bring it to life. At The Great Barn, a rustic theme will suit the budget conscious couple as all you need to do is simply add in some wildflower centrepieces and fairy lights, transforming our space into the perfect rustic springtime wedding venue.

A Vintage Barn Wedding

Nothing says vintage wedding quite like a beautiful floral headpiece. Springtime blooms are the perfect choice when creating this boho bridal look. Done right, it will immediately transform you into the vintage bride you have always dreamed of being. To take your springtime vintage theme to the next level, consider using a pale colour scheme with soft finishes. In conjunction with the natural roughness of The Great Barn, your wedding will with scream French Chateau.

An Italian Courtyard Wedding

For couples who want to make the most of the good weather, don’t be shy to focus your wedding theme and colours on the outdoors. Think al fresco dining and sundowners. Here in the UK, it can be scary to rely on good weather but luckily you don’t need to be outside to make this theme work for you. You can style your wedding with as many flowers and fresh green leaves as you can manage. Re-purposed wine bottles will bring the vineyard to your wedding, all you have to do is drink the wine before the big day!

Remember that as quickly as spring comes and goes, so too will your wedding day. So enjoy this time of planning, whether you are months away from your big day or just a few weeks. If you’re a wedding planning newbie, stick around, we’ve got some great tips to help you pick that perfect spring wedding colour scheme coming up.