Spring Wedding What to Wear

3rd September 2018
Spring Wedding What to Wear Guide

Spring is a liberating season – the days are longer and the dresses are shorter. You don’t need to wear a coat and planning an outfit is a much more streamlined affair. But that doesn’t mean planning your outfit to attend a wedding is any easier! If anything, springtime poses some unpredictable factors. It could be a lot colder than expected, or if you are lucky, a lot warmer. Wind and rain are also a possibility. In reality, anything could happen but if you follow some of these guidelines, you can be sure to be the best-dressed wedding guest in town!

Fabric Finder

With warmer weather, you will want to keep your fabrics light in weight and colour (but not white!). Ladies will likely find themselves naturally drawn to floral fabrics and prints and you should embrace this. A perfect choice for a casual wedding would be a floral tea dress. It does not stop at dresses either, pleated skirts and ruffled tops are the quintessential springtime uniform and guests should take advantage of planning an outfit for an event in such a versatile and fun season.

For the gents, it can be difficult to keep a suit seasonal but if possible, opt for light grey and blue. A linen shirt is a fabulous choice and will help keep you cool if it is on the warmer side. Casual weddings will allow you to pick a pair of smart chinos, which can be paired with a button down shirt with an open collar, which will keep you looking casual and feeling cool.

Spring Wedding Dress

Easy Breezy

Springtime is unpredictable if it is anything. It is not unusual to go from a warm day to a chilly night and as a wedding guest, you should be prepared. Even if the weather forecast shows you in the clear, you won’t regret having something warm on hand.

For a casual wedding, ladies could bring along a cardigan for the chilly evenings and a smart jumper will do for the gents.

For semi-formal weddings, both men and woman can throw a blazer over their outfits for the perfectly balanced spring outfit.

When it comes to formal black or white tie weddings, men will generally be fine in their suits during the springtime but the ladies can be vulnerable to the breeze. A pretty shawl will be the perfect solution or a cape would be a stylish option for the fashion-forward wedding guest.

Spring Wedding Clothes

Water Works

One thing that does not go well with weddings is rain. Here in the UK, planning an event around the weather can seem like an impossible task. If the bride and groom have been brave enough to have an outdoor spring wedding, don’t leave it up to chance that the rain will stay away. Also, bear in mind that the venue might not be well suited to wet weather – it happens!

Springtime guests should make sure that they have an umbrella on hand, don’t assume that the venue will have any available or enough for one per guest. Umbrellas have a habit of disappearing. Ladies should also consider wearing closed shoes, not only will this help keep your feet dry but warm in the cooler evenings.

At The Great Barn, an invaluable advantage to couples is the knowledge that we have well thought out space that can cope with whatever mother nature throws our way.

Spring Wedding Weather

Colour Coded

When in doubt, wear black. This is a simple fashion rule that will see you well on most social occasions. There is nothing wrong with wearing black or a dark colour to a spring wedding although it could be a bit of a wasted opportunity. Spring is a happy, fun and colourful time of the year so why not embrace the season and inject a bit of that springtime colour palette into your outfit. Chances are, the bride and groom will too!

Ladies have more of an opportunity to play with colour in their outfits and can pick literally any colour of the rainbow. You can refer to our summer wedding outfit guide for more inspiration. A smart tip is to take a look at the wedding invitation, this will usually be your big clue as to what the wedding colour scheme will be. Use this to help ensure you don’t clash with the bride’s favourite colour or worse, end up looking like an unofficial bridesmaid.

Some men might be wondering how they can have a colour-friendly outfit when they are expected to wear a suit or even a tuxedo. Whilst your suit colour may be pre-determined, the world is your oyster when it comes to shirts, ties, pocket squares and even socks. If you are attending a casual wedding, have some fun. Pick a bold coloured shirt with a floral tie for a subtle springtime touch.

Spring Wedding Clothing Colours

Most importantly for a spring wedding, remember to have a backup plan! In the UK, mother nature has a knack for thwarting even the best of plans.