Summer Wedding: What to Wear to Stay Cool

27th September 2018
summer wedding - what to wear

At a summer wedding in the UK, it can feel as if the sun is up even into the night, allowing brides and grooms to really make the most of the season. The one downside to a summer wedding is the heat, which can be difficult to deal with when wearing a formal outfit, a full face of makeup and professionally styled hair. But if you follow some of these guidelines, you can be sure of being the coolest wedding guest in town, quite literally!

Fresh Fabrics

When it is hot, your choice of fabric for an outfit becomes an essential consideration. Choose natural fabrics which won’t increase your likelihood of sweating. Cotton and linen are perfect examples and these fabrics will help keep your skin fresh and let a breeze in. Silk is a good choice for those attending formal weddings due to its more luxurious nature. Silk may not be as absorbent or as cool as cotton and linen but it is extremely lightweight and certainly won’t aggravate one’s skin in the heat.

fabric choices

An ideal choice for ladies attending a casual wedding is a breathable cotton dress. The lightweight cotton won’t have you feeling weighed down by your outfit. One can find cotton dresses in a wide variety of lengths, patterns and colours which are a safe choice for an outdoor wedding in peak summer season. Any good wedding guest should ensure their dress length and pattern is appropriate for the particular wedding they are attending. Don’t forget to consult your invitation for hints of the colour scheme and theme.

For the gents, a linen suit is THE outfit for a summer wedding. Linen is an extremely light fabric and will allow heat to escape from the body, absorbs a lot of moisture (i.e. sweat) and also dries quite quickly. Dressing formally in the middle of summer can seem daunting but a linen suit paired with a cotton shirt will keep you feeling fresh and cool all day long.

linen suit

Whichever fabric you do end up choosing for your outfit, make sure it is not polyester. In the heat, this fabric is simply too uncomfortable to bear. It won’t absorb any sweat you may produce and won’t allow any breeze onto your skin.

Bring the Breeze

Most couples will have given thought to the weather and how it may impact their guests. Don’t be surprised to see parasols or fans available at the ceremony site, a cute and thoughtful way to help guests stay cool. That being said, ladies can arrive prepared by popping a small discreet fan into their handbags, just in case. That way if the heat becomes too much to bear, ladies are able to look chic and sophisticated while gently waving their fans to stay cool.

staying cool at summer wedding

Another perfect fashion item to combat the sun would be a hat. An essential fashion accessory for society weddings, hats will help protect your face (as well as your hair and makeup!) from direct sunlight. Wearing a hat is an appropriate trick summer wedding guests can use to protect themselves from the elements while remaining fashionable.

Shades of Summer

The Little Black Dress is a fashionistas wardrobe staple and foolproof choice for a wedding. But a summer wedding guest might want to avoid black and dark colours where possible. Dark colours absorb heat rapidly and if you are attending an outdoor wedding, you could become uncomfortable much more quickly than if you were in a lighter coloured outfit.

Instead, guests should embrace the bright colours of the season and use that summertime colour palette to help create their outfit. Chances are, the bride and groom will too!

summer wedding colours

Linen suits are not exclusively available in light colours but blues and greys too, which will suit more formal weddings. Just as with a traditional suit, men are able to pair linen suits with cotton shirts in any colour or pattern they wish. For a summer wedding, a bold coloured shirt will add a great seasonal touch.

Taming the Trend

Ladies are in luck, the current ‘cold-shoulder’ tread is the perfect solution to warm weather wedding woes. This trend has taken the fashion world by storm and can be easily be found in casual to formal dresses as well as blouses. On a hot day, any bit of exposed skin that is able to catch the breeze will help you remain cool.

Strapping Sandals

Unfortunately for the gents, there is not much one can do when it comes to shoes and feeling cool. However; the ladies are in luck. Strappy sandals and open-toed heels are great ways of making sure your feet stay cool. One’s feet have plenty of pulse points and if these are able to stay cool and catch the breeze, it will help keep the rest of your body cool too.

summer wedding shoes

Ladies should remember to consider the ceremony and reception venues when selecting their shoes. Outdoor weddings do not generally lend themselves to stilettos, no matter how well they go with your dress!

Most importantly for a summer wedding guest to remember when planning their outfit – stay cool! Once you become hot, it is difficult to cool down. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight if possible and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Most of all, make sure you have fun in the summer sun!

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