Top Nine Tips for the Perfect Autumn Wedding Outfit

27th November 2018
Top Nine Tips for the Perfect Autumn Wedding Outfit

In recent years, autumn has become an extremely popular season to get married. Instagramers champion the changing leaves whilst the bright, cheery colours of summer are quickly replaced with warm, jewel-toned palettes that scream romance. The colours, leaves and general autumn landscape provide the perfect backdrop for any picture, never mind wedding photos! What more could a bride and groom ask?

So, just what does one wear to an event in this particularly 'in-between' season? It likely won't be too hot or too cold and you can almost guarantee that it will be either windy or rainy or both. The trick to a perfectly executed autumn wedding outfit is...layers. Whether it is a subtle pair of tights, a pretty jacket or a warm pair of shoes - we've got a few tips and tricks for you.


Making use of your summer outfit

The good news is that you don't have to buy yourself an entirely new outfit if you recently attended a spring or summer wedding. All you need is a couple of clever cover-up tricks to turn a summer outfit into a flawlessly stylish autumn wedding look:

1. Tailored jackets are the perfect solution to take a strappy dress from spring to autumn effortlessly. Just remember to make sure your dress is long enough to carry a jacket, otherwise, it might end up looking like an afterthought.

2. Tights might not be every woman's cup of tea but they have an amazing ability to transform an outfit from summer to autumn. Tights will keep your legs and feet warm as well as protect your modesty should an unexpected blustery wind come along!

3. Ankle booties are a stylish way to make that floral summer dress very autumnal in a matter of seconds, with the added bonus of keeping your toes warm during the vows! Looking for some footwear inspiration? Dune has over 300 styles of ankle boot listed on its website, you’re sure to find some ideas there!


Something new for autumn

If, however you are in the market for something entirely new, these tips will help ensure you pick the excellent autumnal wedding look:

4. Sleeves, whether three quarter or full in length, are a subtle way of keeping you warm all night long - You can leave that old-fashioned cardigan at home!

5. Jumpsuits are the stylish wedding guest’s secret weapon. The trousers will keep your legs warm without compromising your style. You can choose from skinny leg to wide and floaty, and everything in between. The Quiz website has a great range of options when it comes to stylish jumpsuits and is a great place to start your search.

6. Lengthening your hemline is an easy way to keep the cooler air at bay. Full length or midi - it does not matter, you will be surprised by the difference a few millimeters make! Need some inspiration? ASOS’s wedding shop is a great destination for some style tips. You can find dresses of all lengths, colours and styles as well as options to suit any budget.


Autumn outfits for gents

 As for the gents (we have not forgotten about you...); autumn is your chance to shine! You no longer have to bemoan wearing a suit and tie, quite the opposite really. Autumn is also the ideal season to bring out the waistcoat and step your wedding guest attire up a notch. You might have to offer your jacket to a cold lady or two as the evening progresses but that’s par for the course, really!

7. Three-piece suits will no longer be the reason for your spring or summer wedding attire woes. In fact, you might find yourself feeling a little smug looking effortlessly chic in your layers whilst remaining warm and toasty on a particularly cold October evening. Moss Bros is a go-to option when looking for suit options online, or if you want to get something a little different without spending too much, they offer suit hire via their Moss Hire website.

8. Fabrics such as tweed and wool are heavier than their linen counterparts, which you would have been reaching for in the summer months. The added weight will help keep you cosy on a cold autumn night.

9. Colours such as red, green and orange should be considered when planning your accessories. Nothing says autumn like a red or orange tie! The right coloured accessory has the ability to take a seemingly boring outfit to a well-suited one, fit for an autumn wedding.

Overall, guests should not be afraid of layering their outfits. The great thing about layering is that it allows you to keep your style while being prepared for a change in temperature. Too hot, remove a layer! It is as simple as that. Most importantly though, the best tip for an autumn wedding guest to remember when planning their outfit is - expect the unexpected! Make sure that your outfit is versatile and comfortable and you cannot go wrong.

For more inspiration, check out our guides on what to wear for a spring wedding and what to wear for a summer wedding.