Top Ten Summer Wedding Flowers All Brides & Grooms Should Consider

17th October 2018
summer wedding flowers

Summer is a wonderful season to have a wedding. There is something about the warm weather that lifts people’s spirits. There is happiness in the air and it’s the perfect ingredient for an amazing wedding.

The best floral advice brides and grooms should take is to use in-season flowers. With all the benefits of a summer wedding, it is no surprise that it is the most popular time of the year to get married, and popular means expensive. In-season flowers are a great way for couples to stretch their floral budget.

Another important reason to use in-season flowers, especially in summer, is the heat. It can be difficult to prevent cut flowers from wilting on a hot summer’s day but if you use flowers that naturally bloom in summer, they will be hardier and more resilient to temperature. It’s eco-friendly too, which is an added bonus.

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So, with all of that in mind, here’s our top-ten list of the best flowers for a wedding the summer!

Top Ten Wedding Flowers

1. The Sunflower

With its striking bright yellow petals and large surface area, there is no flower more quintessentially summer than the sunflower. Brides and grooms who are looking to bring the season into the theme need not look any further.

Top Tip: Sunflowers are great in bouquets as the main star but are also the perfect choice as single blooms.


2. The Daisy

With the wide range of colours to choose from, the daisy is an excellent choice for a summer wedding bouquet. The daisy is in-season from spring to autumn, making it an easy option for couples with simple taste.

Top Tip: For couples particularly concerned about flowers wilting in the heat, the daisy is a safe bet, as it is particularly hardy.

3. The Calla Lily

You will be hard pressed to find another flower with as much meaning and history behind it, which is just one of the reasons the calla lily is a wedding day favourite. The name itself means beauty, which is a wonderful choice for a bridal bouquet. Not only that, calla lilies represent faith and purity, another reason why it is an ideal companion for the bride’s bouquet.

Top Tip: With its unique appearance, the calla lily needs no fillers and makes a superb bouquet all on its own and in its own right.

4. The Waxflower

The unsung hero of bridal bouquets! The waxflower does not receive much limelight but it truly is a bouquet staple as a beautiful filler choice. With its small and (you guessed it) waxy petals, it adds a subtle sprinkling of white or light pink to any arrangement – the perfect choice for the understated bride.

Top Tip: Brides and grooms on a floral budget can add significant volume to their arrangements with this humble yet beautiful bloom.

5. The Rose

Needs absolutely no introduction and is the universal symbol of love. Roses are a popular wedding choice for many reasons and therefore will be a pricey option too.

Top Tip: Roses come in every colour except true black or blue and so it is a wise option for indecisive couples with a vague theme and colour scheme.


6. The Iris

This beautiful flower is popular with brides and grooms who have blue and purple colour schemes. It’s one of the only flowers that grow naturally in shades of blue and it does not disappoint. It’s a bold flower with a deeply saturated colour and it brings a great pop of colour to an otherwise neutral bouquet.

Top Tip: Although a summer bloomer, this particular flower is not as hardy as others so steer clear if you anticipate being in the sun for long periods of time.

7. The Marigold

Part of the sunflower family, this pretty flower brings a bright pop of orange to any bridal bouquet. It’s a bushy bloom with many layers, which are representative of the honeycomb, the nickname given this flower.

Top Tip: The Marigold is available from spring through to autumn so it should be easy to find and easy on one’s budget.


8. The Freesia

Soft and feminine flowers which are accentuated by their individual fragrance make them an easy choice for brides. They come in a variety of colours although they are particularly bridal and ethereal in white.

Top Tip: These flowers naturally bloom in a sort of bouquet fashion, which makes it a safe pick for couples who are planning on creating their own arrangements.


9. The Phlox

This English country garden flower is the preferred choice for couples planning a rustic wedding celebration. In shades of pink, white and purple, most brides and grooms can find something to suit their day.

Top Tip: This flower is great for a mixed bouquet as it can hold its own amongst other colourful blooms.

10. Lily of the Valley

A true bridal classic, this flower has been included in some of the most iconic bridal bouquets of all time such as that of Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Cambridge. Brides looking for a classic, elegant and timeless look cannot go wrong with this choice.

Top Tip: Although beautiful, this flower is highly poisonous if eaten. Brides should ensure that their bridal party is made aware of this and it would be best to avoid including it in the flower girls’ bouquets.

lily of the valley

The most important tip couples should remember is to pick flowers that they find themselves drawn to, ones which they both like and suit their wedding day and theme. If you follow these guidelines, you can’t go wrong.

If you are not planning a summer wedding, don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips to help you plan spring wedding flowers too.