The Ultimate Summer Wedding Colour Scheme Guide

16th November 2018
The Ultimate Summer Wedding Colour Scheme Guide

Summer is a bright and fun season. For the adventurous bride and groom, it is a great opportunity to inject as much colour into your big day as possible. Summertime conjures up images of sunny days and holidays, and couples could use this to tie together their wedding theme and colour palette. For the more conservative bride and groom, don't worry, your colours don't need to be bright to be summery.

 All colour schemes should be combined with a generous helping of white to make sure you give your day that truly bridal feeling. We have a great list of our top ten summer wedding colour schemes to help you plan this important part of your big day.


1. Orange & Fuchsia

Orange and pink are great summer colours. They radiate warmth and will leave your guests with no doubts about your wedding theme and colours.

Great for: fun loving couples who are keen on a colourful summer wedding.



2. Golden Yellow & Pink

These two colours sing summer when paired together. They inspire images of flowery fields and summer memories.

Great for: floral themes and flower heavy wedding days.



3. Purple & Ruby Red

These two colours are rich and bold without being too dark (which is exactly what you want to avoid at a summer affair). This palette is a fitting combination for couples that are keen on summer colours but don't want to go too bright.

Great for: the regal bride and groom who would like an opulent feel to their big day.



4. Gold & Mink

A neutral colour palette does not need to be boring! Gold used in just the right place and amount can bring a wonderful natural glam to any event.

Great for: The modern bride who wants to have an understated and elegant day with just a pop of drama.



5. Light Grey & Cream

For a summer wedding, it can be tricky to have a neutral palette. You don't want your day to feel cold or impersonal. The slightly warmer undertones of grey will help balance out the cream and white, making them appear fresher and brighter which will, in turn, bring that light summer feeling to an otherwise neutral colour palette.

Great for: the truly minimalistic bride. This colour palette will help keep your day clean.



6. Red & Navy Blue

No colour conveys the emotion of love quite like the colour red. When used at a wedding there is absolutely no shortage of romance. Top tip - it is incredibly easy to find wedding items in shades of red, so it is the perfect choice for couples undertaking a lot of the planning work themselves.

Great for: a traditional bride who is not afraid of colour.



7. Peach & Cream

These soft yet saturated colours will bring a touch of that summertime colour without a colour heavy palette.

Great for: couples that are on the fence about how much colour they want on their big day. This palette will allow you to dip in and out of the colour spectrum.



8. Peach & Sage Green

Peach is a classic wedding colour but when paired with sage it is quickly elevated to amazing new levels of chic.

Great for: outdoors weddings, this foresty colour palette will work in perfect harmony with any venue with an outside space.



9. Blush Pink & Dove Grey

These colours were extremely popular for weddings in 2018 and they are set to continue being a top favourite for 2019 too. It's fair to say that blush is becoming a wedding colour staple.

Great for: the trend-conscious bride who wants a feminine and soft wedding day.



10. Emerald Green & Gold

There is no doubt about it…these colours are bold! This deep green shouts lush summertime from the rooftops. What more could a bride planning a summer wedding ask for?

Great for: couples looking to incorporate bold prints and tropical motifs into their big day.



 When picking your colour palette, it is incredibly important to pick colours you are naturally drawn to in your everyday life. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos and wonder why you chose a specific colour - the choices should be natural.

 Remember that your wedding colour scheme sets the tone for your big day, from the invitations to bridesmaid’s dresses and bouquets. These colours will be well used! Having a colour scheme you love only makes the wedding planning decisions easier, so take your time when making your selections. Also, make sure to read our guide on how to make a wedding inspiration board, to help you pick the right colours for your big day. 

Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun!