Winter & Christmas Weddings

16th February 2022
Winter wedding

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now comes the time where you have to set a date for the wedding. Have you thought about having a winter wedding? This might be an excellent option, and here is why!


What is the best month for a winter wedding

Typically, couples rush to book a date for their wedding in the summer or spring as days are longer, and the weather is generally better. However, there are so many aspects of winter weddings that bring just as much charm to the wedding day, and can be immortalized through photographs.

Wedding venues can be cheaper from November through to February which should allow you more flexibility when it comes to allocating a budget to the decor and catering. The good part about planning a winter wedding is that the weather can only but positively surprise you, as you’d have prepared for the worst all the months leading to the big day. Other benefits are that there are two celebrations you might want to celebrate your wedding around: Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Bringing everyone together to celebrate a Christmas themed wedding or one based on Valentine’s day adds some warmth and meaning to the celebration.


What do you do at a winter wedding

1. Winter wedding venues

You’ll have a wider choice of venues if you choose to have a winter wedding, as it is typically a quieter period. Moreover, travel and accommodation will be cheaper for guests over winter months. 

Now when it comes to choosing a wedding venue for your winter celebration, there are a few major points to keep in mind:

  • Lighting: it is essential to visit the venue during the day but also in the evening, to get a better idea about how the lighting looks, and whether it fits with what you have in mind. You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day!

  • Heating: another important point would be to check with your chosen venue about how they heat the space, and see if you need to plan anything in advance to keep your guests warm and comfortable. Newer venues might have proper heating installation, but this is not necessarily the case if you opt for a more traditional venue such as churches, barns or castles. Here at The Great Barn we not only have full central heating throughout, but also light our two fireplaces for and our three-foot thick walls keep the barn extra cozy.

  • Decor: you can see if your venue has any Christmas decorations you could use, for a more festive celebration - this might be a great way to save on your decoration budget. Make sure to have a proper idea about where those should go, to not clash with what you had planned in your mind. At The Great Barn, we have full Christmas decorations up from 1st December.

2. Winter wedding colours

Colour preferences differ from one person to another so feel free to go with any colour palette of your choosing for your big day! 

You can also refer to the collage we did below for inspiration of muted colours that typically go well together:

Or choose to go for a typical Christmas colour palette if you’re having a Christmas-themed wedding:

3. Winter wedding decorations

It really is the perfect time of the year to opt for a magical themed wedding - from a Christmas festive decor to a Winter Wonderland theme, the options are endless. 

No matter what decorations you choose to go with, the recurrent theme here is lighting. As days are shorter and the sun sets quite early, impress your guests with a full lighting installation that will turn the space into a magical scene!

 4. Winter wedding flowers

Worry not, there are plenty of beautiful flower options to choose from when it comes to selecting the decoration for your winter wedding. Although less popular than spring blooms, the following in-season flowers will make you just as excited to arrange your wedding bouquet:

  • Daffodils - these happy flowers are the perfect option to brighten up the venue and bring a bit of sunlight to your special day

  • Winter Jasmine - these highly scented flowers go well with any bouquet arrangement 

  • Camellias or Japanese Camellias - these flowers are generally highly prized for their beauty, and create a gorgeous floral display

  • Roses - red and white roses are a more classic choice, and you can be sure that they will look good as a decoration! These will undoubtedly infuse some romance into your big day!

  • Pines and berries - these gorgeous natural decorations bring more depth to winter weddings and look amazing on bridal bouquets.

  • Wreaths - do not hesitate to include more Christmas-y flowers such as wreaths if that is the theme you’re going for. Afterall, that’s the perfect time to infuse some of that holiday feeling into your wedding celebration.

5. Winter wedding cake

Something that gets us excited about winter weddings is definitely wedding cakes. The cold season calls for richer and deeper flavours, which makes every bite taste amazing!

Some popular flavours when it comes to Winter/Christmas wedding cakes usually incorporate cinnamon, rosemary, pecan, or even peppermint for a more festive taste.

Do not hesitate to decorate your cake with elements used in your winter decoration, such as pines and berries, to bring the theme together.


What to wear to a winter wedding

With the drop in temperature, you have the perfect excuse to wear deep colours and plush fabrics, you might get just as overwhelmed with the choice of outfits available to you. The key to a winter wedding however is to keep warm, so plan to choose a fabric that is a bit thicker, or plan to wear a wrap or sweater on top of your wedding gown or suit.

Same goes for guests, warmer fabrics will help you feel comfortable all night long - you might want to go for a longer satin or velvet dress, to give a more sophisticated look to your outfit.


Are Christmas weddings a thing?

Christmas themed weddings are definitely on trend when it comes to winter wedding celebrations. Christmas and Weddings are all about togetherness and celebration, so why not merge the two for an unforgettable experience?

1. Christmas wedding ideas on a budget 

There are many ideas that will help you get the Christmas wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Check out our suggestions below!

  • Stationery - add some festive details to your wedding invites or seating cards to infuse a bit of Christmas spirit right from the start

  • Pies and festive drinks - serve mince pies and mulled wine to your guests for a Christmas classic

  • Lightbulbs and candlelights - Christmas is known for the beautiful lighting displays, so do not hesitate to add that decor to your wedding celebration by adding light strings, lanterns and candlelights all around the venue 

  • Christmas wedding flowers - Customise your wedding bouquet with seasonal and traditional flowers, and you can even add some succulents for a frosted and textured look

  • Christmas tree - You can go the extra mile and add Christmas trees around the venue to bring a smile on all your guest’s faces and infuse some holiday spirit into your special day!

How do you plan an outdoor wedding in the winter

Although a bit more challenging, outdoor winter weddings can make the perfect background for your wedding photos. Read our guide on how to plan an outdoor wedding to find out about points to keep in mind and mistakes to avoid.