Winter Wedding Planning and Ideas

5th November 2019
Winter Wedding Planning and Ideas

Winter Wedding Planning and Ideas

So you’ve decided on a winter wedding? It’s a great choice; winter can be a beautiful time of year and as an added bonus, you often won’t be battling other couples to secure your venue of choice.

 If you’re taking your first steps in planning the perfect winter wedding, this is the guide for you. We’ll be looking at how to choose your venue, how to set your theme, what you should wear and much more.


Step one is to consider your guests - no matter how well you plan the day, if you don’t get your guests there, it won’t be perfect.

Save the date

Send your save the date cards as early as possible. Winter is a time when people are more likely to be unavailable if you don’t plan long enough in advance; whether it’s because of winter-sun breaks of family gatherings around the festive period, you’ll be in competition with other events.

Travel and weather

The weather in winter is unpredictable, so make sure you prepare for any eventuality. The best course of action is to advise your guests to schedule in spare time to make it to the venue so that even if it snows, they will be prepared to make it in time. Include a short message as part of your invite or set up a wedding website with full travel instructions so that everyone is prepared.

Choosing a venue


In the UK, the winter sun can set as early as 4 pm, that means fewer than eight hours of daylight. Our first top-tip when choosing your venue is to view it in the dark, that way, you can see the lighting the way it will be on your wedding day. It’s also a great way to plan decorative lighting, which is a very nice way to get creative with a winter wedding.


Avoid travel

Top-tip number two; hold your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue, it means that you and your guests won’t need to travel. If the weather closes-in, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll all be where you need to be already!

Get insurance

Although we like to think planning a wedding is all about the romance (and for the most part, it really is!), you should also take great care. Weddings are expensive and the winter can be unpredictable. Wedding insurance is always a wise choice and particularly at this time of year. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but your mind will be put to rest if you have suitable insurance in place should anything untoward happen that changes your plans.

Decorations and themes


Perhaps you are getting married in the winter because you want a Christmas wedding. If you’re getting married in or around the Christmas season, be sure to find out how the venue intends to decorate for the festive season. Chances are you will have viewed your venue when it isn’t decorated for Christmas, so make sure that any decoration you are planning complements the decoration your host will be adding for Christmas.

Beyond this practical point, Christmas is a wonderful theme for your wedding. It’s a time of joy, a celebration of light and feast. Candles, lanterns and fairy lights all set the mood. Pine cones and seasonal flowers are also a good way to add a festive touch to your day.

A cosy wedding

Winter is time to get cosy, so make it a part of your theme. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. A basket full of blankets will invite your guests to wrap up warm and enjoy the romantic surroundings and often stunning natural scenes that winter can provide.

What to wear to a winter wedding


For the bride

The key here is to choose something to keep you warm. A long-sleeve wedding dress is a good choice. Layers and tights will also help to keep you from feeling cold on the day. In need of some inspiration to get you started? The Knot has prepared a list of winter wedding dresses showing off some stunning long-sleeve dresses and layers.

For the groom

Choose thicker, warmer fabrics such as velvet or tweed. Both are comfortable, warm and suit the style of the season. Tweed is very much in fashion and can come in a variety of fits and styles, whether you’re going for a classic or modern look.

For the bridal party

The winter is a dark time of year, so it’s a great excuse to add your own light and colour. For the bridal party, consider sequins and sparkly dresses and accessories. They’ll echo the sparkle of the frost outside and suit the season perfectly!

Taking wedding photos


Prepare for the weather

It might be raining! Don’t let that catch you out, make sure there are umbrellas on hand to keep you dry. You’ll also want to keep warm, so keep some hand warmers in reach. It may also be muddy, so don’t ruin your smart shoes, keep a pair of spare shoes that you can wear to and from the photo location, this is particularly useful if you need to escape the rain quickly, you won’t want to be running in heels!


Not the kind of photobomb you’re thinking of! If you’re worried that your wedding photos will be set against the grey backdrop of an overcast winter day, why not use some smoke bombs? Smoke bombs will literally fill the scene with any colour of your choosing, creating a vibrant cloud of colour that will bring your photos to life.


So there you have it, your guide to planning the perfect winter wedding. Keep an eye on our blog for more guides to planning your wedding.