Survival Skills

What to Expect

Survival skills at A Day in the Country can be tailored into a full or half day. Guests are split into camps and each camp is required to build a shelter, light a fire and cook a meal in order to earn as many points as possible in the given time. For instance:

  • Shelter Building: Using only natural materials you will build a shelter to use as your base for the day. A brief instructional introduction will take place before you start.
  • Food: Teams will be shown how to catch a fish and prepare it and cook it on their fire
  • Open fire baking: Guests are instructed in preparing and lighting a fire using traditional methods before mixing their own bannock bread mix and cooking it or their own open fire.
  • Bush Tucker trial: Guests are invited onto our jungle camp to sample some of the delights on offer. From silk worm pupae to giant water beetles, we introduce a range of edible insects for the brave to eat!

Teams will be awarded points on the methods used, the success/effectiveness of the methods, presentation. The team scoring the highest number of points by the close of the activity will be deemed the winners! This is a fun and challenging activity which can be biased towards serious team building or just fun!


Activity Details

Team size



2-4 Hours


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