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Our Team Challenges have been put to the test as one of the best ways to bring your team together working on a fun, often hilarious, project as one group in order to achieve a common goal which cannot be achieved individually.  Click on any below and get your team energised and enjoying themselves with any of the following:

Unlock the Box   3 locked boxes - 9 codes – the clock is ticking: Can your team solve cryptic clues, mental puzzles, ciphers and brainteasers under pressure to beat the clock?

Indoor Crystal Challenge  Fast, furious & fun – teams race against each other to earn as many crystals as possible in a series of slightly crazy mental, physical and creative challenges

Comic Connections  A creative and humorous event, teams each contribute their own part in an impressive company comic strip using superhero images, speech bubbles and action bites!

Fantasy Formula One  Supplied only with detailed blueprints and cardboard, teams must design, build and race their own self-propelled Formula One Racing Car. Good old fashioned head to head competition with a construction theme.

Domino Challenge  A creative crowd pleaser, the Domino Challenge brings teams together working together with one common end goal - the exciting grand finale where teams watch their hard work come to fruition as thousands of dominoes are set off in one continuous chain reaction.

Rollercoaster  Can teams successfully design and build a Rollercoaster that will transport a ball from team to team? Brain storming designs and co-ordinating links, teams come together in the Finale to see if their creation works!


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2-4 Hours

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